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Polly Put The Kettle On.

Updated: May 6, 2021

Good mornin'! I don't know about you but the main thing on my mind each morning is fresh brewed coffee. A trait I picked up from my Mother and my maternal family.

My Grandfather would drink his coffee in a bowl every morning but other than that, it was all about sweet tea. Mom and I though, are big coffee drinkers and we take it very seriously. Back in the day, Mom brewed her coffee in a Vintage Le Cafe Corning Ware stove top percolator. That was some GOOD coffee!

Real Coffee

"When that first sip hits your soul"

It's amazing how many people love coffee yet have never known the taste real coffee. By real coffee, I am talking about whole bean, fresh ground. The fact of the matter is, once you grind that bean, coffee begins to stale. So anytime that you buy coffee already ground, it was already stale before it hit the grocery shelf. Very likely containing what is known as 'filler'. That is stuff that gets mixed in with the coffee, stuff like corn. Also why it is cheaper. Coffee remains a top staple crop, quality coffee isn't cheap. People these days want quick and easy. It makes sense if you aren't early to rise and everything is in a blur trying to get ready to head into work. I know how it is, I've been there. People more often than not, don't have time in the mornings for fine coffee. Hey, there is always the excuses.

French Press All The Way


French press is the coffee tradition on the farm these days. I highly recommend it unless you have high cholesterol. If that's the case, this method may not be right for you. Safety first. My French press is a stainless steel model I picked up on sale at Amazon for around $30 if I remember correctly. I love stainless steel for just about all of my cookware with the exception of cast iron. This model makes 10 cups of perfection. Other tools you will need is a long spoon, I use a wooden spoon, a kettle, and a coffee grinder. I don't have a fancy grinder. I scored a basic one at my local Kroger's for about $9.

You will need some whole bean coffee. I don't have a favorite brand, I like to change it up. My only suggestion is to look for quality coffee. Check your bean-water ratios according to your press size etc.

  1. I put the kettle on first so it can boil while I prepare the coffee.

  2. Next I let the faucet run hot and fill the French press with hot water. This is to pre-heat the press.

  3. Then I measure the beans and grind them. A medium grind is required for French press coffee. Too fine and it will go through the filter and too course will clog it. You're looking for the consistency of bread crumbs.

  4. Pour the water out of the press and place the grounds in. About this time your kettle should be whistling. There's something about the kettle whistling that takes me back to simpler days when time moved slower.

  5. I take the kettle off the eye and wait about 45 seconds. If you don't, your coffee may have a burnt taste.

  6. Then I slowly pour a little of the water into the press to cover the beans and stir it in. Allow your coffee to puff up and 'bloom' for 1 minute. Then immediately pour the rest of the water and add the lid. Let it brew for 3 minutes (total brewing time is 4 minutes).

  7. Gently push the plunger down until it reaches the bottom. Pour and serve. *You may want to place the remaining coffee in a thermal container. This is because the longer it sits with the beans it will become more bitter. I don't do this though because I drink it fairly quickly so it's not an issue.

Blueberry Toast with Yogurt and Almonds


Here is something healthy to eat while you enjoy your coffee, it's delicious. Very simple to make too, it is just toast with yogurt topped with fresh blueberries and almonds. It can't get more simple than that. I'm not a huge breakfast fan but some mornings I crave a little something and this is just right.

Give French press coffee a try. If you are a coffee lover, you owe it to yourself. Take the time, excellent coffee is sure worth it.

Have a blessed day and thanks for reading!

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