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Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog and if you subscribe, I appreciate it very much. My name is Valeri and I started this blog as a way to keep track of my projects. I feel like sometimes we may think we are getting behind on things when actually, we are making progress. It may not feel like it but gradually we are moving upward. Just look at how far we've come already.


Also, Farm Shed will not use or sell your information, in this case, your email address, to any other entity for any purpose. It is voluntarily given by you and will only be used for the purpose of keeping you updated on this, Farm Shed, blog site. 

The photos here belong to me, except for a couple that is my brother's (unless otherwise indicated). I would appreciate them not being used on any other website or for any other purpose unless you ask my permission first with the exception of stock photos. Feel free to share on social media as long as the content of this site is not presented as your own. These are my thoughts and ideas and I should get proper credit.

One more thing, I often mention various products or equipment that I find useful in completing various projects. I don't receive any kick-backs or compensation from any company to do so at all. I only do so to share things that I feel are clever or useful to you for your own use. I am not paid to do so.

~ Valeri

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