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Homemade Box Guitar

Updated: May 6, 2021

This was a project dear to my heart. It all started as a fun thing to do with my Dad. Sadly though, it came about a little too late. He found out he had cancer and got really sick. Even though he wasn't able to work on this with me, all was not lost. A family friend stationed over seas in Afghanistan who probably was needing a distraction from the chaos, helped make this project happen.

From start to finish, it was a project that carried us through a difficult time. It was good to see a smile on my Father's face as it all came together. It began as an idea and slowly took shape.

Putting It All Together

“Some things just glitter and shine.”

I can't tell you much about the actual installation. That happened over seas with some emergency workers on an Army base. I can tell you all about the design though.

I Love When A Plan Comes Together

I had been looking at cigar box guitars and other unique guitars. Inspired by Justin Johnson who created a shovel guitar. I wasn't keen on a three or four string as I am used to a standard six string. I also didn't want a regular cigar box. So with this in mind, it all began to take shape. I was able to find the wiring I would need from CBGITTY and I also got a P90 Soapbar pickup from there. The knobs are abalone, bought from Amazon, along with D'iaddario strings, and two pegs for the guitar strap. One of the pegs, by the way, also doubles as the plug for the amp. I was looking forward to trying out the P90 but, being a female, I also wanted options. I really wanted a humbucker too, after looking around, I discovered a Blizzard of '59 vintage humbucker (Nickel). So this guitar is capable of switching from the P90 to the Blizzard, or both, if you so choose. I also got a really nice, genuine leather strap for it with wool lining.

One Of A Kind

“I hope you appreciate my being delayed in customs for six hours.”

Ever try to get guitar parts into Afghanistan? Not so easy as it turns out. My friend was delayed in customs for over six hours trying to convince them that these were parts to build a guitar and not a bomb! Lucky for me, they let him through. I am forever grateful.

The guitar neck was nothing more than a happy accident. Someone on the army base had a mini Martin and it was busted. So he removed the neck and donated it to our project. This was a big thrill for me! I am used to playing six string acoustic guitars so this narrowed down my learning curve considerably. It made me very happy to know that this little project took such wings that several fellas on an Army base over seas had something fun and creative to do besides worrying about all that was going on around them. The box is pretty heavy, it's hand carved and came from a shop in Afghanistan. We finished it off with an Acid Cigar sticker on the back.

Almost Right On Time

Throughout the whole process, I would talk to Dad at his bedside and show him the pictures. He was just as eager as I was to see the finished project. His face lit up when I showed him the pictures of it complete. I wish he could have held and played it. Sadly he passed away just a few days before it arrived. It actually came on the day of his burial. While my heart ached, it brought some comfort to me during a most difficult time. It is truly a one of a kind and has and a tune all it's own.

It plays well too, this little thing ROCKS! Next on the list is building a case for it. ~ Stay Tuned

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