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Endless Winter

Updated: May 6, 2021

Yes, I know. Everything in its season, everything in its time. I still want to be done with Winter. Can we move on?

Sure, Winter time is pretty & peaceful as our section of earth is covered with a beautiful blanket of fresh snow. It is also very cold, wet, expensive, and dark and I am so over it already. Winter is a ready reminder of all the things I failed to do last season.

Things like proper insulation

I know it needed to be done but knowing and affording are two very different things. There are a lot of windows in a farmhouse, seventeen to be exact, not to mention doors. Every Winter, I regret not taking care of it and tell myself I will be ready for it by next fall. Times like when the oil runs dry, that's when the regret really hits hard. Talk about cold, when the oil tank is empty, it is COLD. Warmer outside, actually. Dad used to say when the temperature drops below 30F it all feels the same after that. I have to agree. I believe it is cold enough this winter that I will make it a priority to be better prepared. Hopefully, I will stick to my goals. I did re-caulk the windows, so that's something.

Complaints are invalid

"What do you have to complain about?"

Nothing really. To me, Winter is nothing more than discomfort and inconvenience. My biggest concern is keeping the water pipes from freezing, staying warm, keeping the food stocked, and making sure the rodents stay outside. It is my brother that is the true hero. He is the one that really has something to complain about, he takes it all in stride though. Probably enjoys it even, and maybe I am a little envious because he is physically capable of doing the hardcore farm stuff. He is the one that has to get all bundled up and head out in the weather, no matter how cold, and make sure the cows have their hay and grain. Hay that he, himself, has worked so hard to grow and harvest. All the while praying it will be enough to last until Spring when the grass grows back. Not to mention the headaches of keeping the farm equipment running enough to do it. It is a peaceful, satisfying feeling met with great responsibility ensuring the cows are fed, warm, and happy.

Suey Suey Sook Sook Suuuueeeyyyy!


They know when feeding time is. The cattle start heading from the hillside every day at the same time. I enjoy watching them as they watch for my brother. He rarely has to call them, they are there for him and start calling him if he happens to be a few minutes late to the feeding spot. He usually has the hay loaded and ready to go but sometimes it takes some tweaking to get the tractor to start. Especially on really cold days. They anxiously moo at him to remind him they are hungry and waiting. He gets there every day, without fail. They love him, I can tell, and he loves them too. He pets them while they eat and they enjoy it, especially the head scratches. They look at me somewhat suspiciously but him, they will go right up to him and demand his attention. They know who feeds them.

Icy Breath of Winter

"Cold is the snow that sweeps Glencoe"

It is hard not to love the snow and how it changes the look of the landscape. It is so beautiful. I am thankful to live in a location of the world where I get to experience all the seasons. I really wouldn't want it to be Summer all the time. It is nice having a break from the Summer's blistering heat and humidity. Being an asthma sufferer is probably why I look forward to the Spring and Fall so much. Those are the times when I can truly enjoy being outside comfortably. Honestly, I don't mind Winter as much as I let on. We all really need this time of year. When time seems to move slower and we have a chance to rest up a little bit before Spring brings on the outdoor chores like planting. Farmers really need the snow to fall. The snow saturates the ground ensuring a great planting season. Without the rain and snow, there will be no hay and our gardens will be sure to fail. So it has an important purpose and the fact that its beautiful makes it bearable.

Everything in its season, everything in its time

It is the time of year when I get a little anxious for Spring. My creative juices are flowing and I have a mental list of projects I am excited to start. I want to get moving while I am in the right frame of mind and have the energy to get started or it will all end up being put off until another time. So I just need to stay inspired and maintain my mental stamina and determination. Keep focused. We are on the downhill run of Winter, Spring is only a few weeks away. For now, I will enjoy my coffee while I gaze out the window and watch the cattle as time stands still for a while. Can life be any better than this? I don't think so.

No complaints here, even if it is cold. I hope you all are safe, warm, and have a full belly. Take care and thanks for reading.

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