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Weird Winter

Is it just me or has this winter been weird? Somethings off, somethings not quite right. Whatever it is, I'm done with it & we just started. I can't quite put my finger on it but there is something about this winter in particular that has really affected my psyche.

My inspiration is drained, my creative juices are ceasing to flow, and I am finding it difficult to stay focused. Whatever motivation I have is currently exhausted. It's not a comfortable place to be mentally though it's not like I didn't plan to take a break this winter. After a being fairly busy for a spell, it's important to give your mind a break. I guess it's been dragging on slightly longer than anticipated to the point where I am anxious to move forward.

Blame it on the Weather

"It's gonna be a mild one"

Thus, sayeth the woolly worm. According to folklore, the blacker a wooly worm is, is a sign of a longer winter. The browner a woolly worm is, is a sign of a mild winter. There are 13 bands on a woolly warm which, as the legend goes, coincides with the 13 weeks of winter.

This past fall, I had a conversation with my woolly worm friend who informed me that indeed, it we were in for a mild winter. You'll hear no complaints from me. The price of oil is way up this year, so, the less I have to run the heat, the better.

Warm Indeed

Mr. Woolly Worm has been spot-on so far with his predictions. Seriously, it was 78 degrees on January the first this year. Seventy-eight degrees, can you believe that? It's been nice and warm at the same time as being dark, dead, and dreary. I guess that's a big part of why it feels so odd. When the leaves have fallen and the skies are gray, you expect the bitter cold to come with it.

Time Flies

"Where in the hell are they coming from"?

The flies and stink bugs are also perplexed. I shouldn't be seeing flies and stink bugs this time of year but here we are. They have arrived too early and are clearly confused. Shew, mostly the flies have been a big annoyance. These aren't your normal every day aggravating flies. No, these are buggers straight from the pit of hell. They are sluggish, and aren't sure where they want to be or what they are supposed to be doing, they just linger about your face and annoy the hell out of you. Because they are so sluggish, they are very easy to kill but there seems to be a never-ending supply. You kill three and five more takes their place.

First snow of the year

We woke up this morning to a blanket of snow. Buster quickly went out to survey the landscape of his kingdom. It wasn't much to write home about; it barely covered the ground. The roads are clear and traffic is moving normally by now. I'm sure those that were out and about in the wee hours have a different story to tell, especially those that travel to and from higher elevations.

It was enough though to give a sense that things are seeming to be what is expected for this time of year. I'm glad there is a biting cold in the air. It makes me feel better about staying indoors and laying low. It adds some normalcy to those introverted behaviors that I adopt for the fall and winter months. Maybe it's not so weird after all. Maybe things are starting to come together.

If you too are feeling off-kilter this time of year, know that you are not alone. Spring will be here before we know it and big plans are on the horizon. I can feel the anticipation in the air.

Take care and thanks for reading.

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