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The Little Things

Updated: May 6, 2021

Spring is on the horizon and I am enjoying every minute of it. The last year is behind our backs and now is the time to focus forward on the adventures this year will bring. Starting with the little things.

Given all the hardships everyone around the world has endured in 2020 it is all the more important to focus on what makes us happy. Here we are in 2021 and Spring is fast approaching. This is one of my favorite times of the year. It is when I make a mental list of things I hope to accomplish. It's that little window of time when it isn't quite time to start on the big things. A time for the little things. We often take the little things for granted but it is the little things that can make a big difference.

Where Happiness Dwells

"What makes you happy"?

For me, it is any number of things. One of the things I enjoy is decorating the world around me with artsy things of a unique nature. Maybe it is something passed on to me from my Grandmother or at least a pleasure we share. She loved finding a certain stone, piece of fungus, just anything, and painting something cute or clever on it and leaving it laying somewhere for someone to find. One time she found a gourd and carved a hole in it and painted it real cute. She placed a little bird inside and hung it in her kitchen in a place you wouldn't notice it right away. I still have it. Years ago I remember a few places I visited that really sparked my imagination. Places, where it seemed like everywhere you looked there, was something unique to see. Something you may have missed upon initial inspection, something the average person might overlook. In a way, it can leave you with the feeling that maybe it was meant just for you to discover.

Forrest Dwellers

Who doesn't love gnomes? Little old dwarfs are mischievous and set about seeking and hiding treasures. I have taken quite a liking to them. I love the ones that are realistic-looking and not cartoonish. I found some really good ones at Design Toscano . They also sell their stuff on Amazon too and it's even greater when you can catch them on sale. I place them around the yard at the base of my trees amongst the flowers.

Time for a shameless plug. You can find my 'Gnome Sayin'? design in my Redbubble shop . He is available on various products such as pillows, magnets, shirts, phone cases, totes, and more. I hope you check it out! He's too cute to pass up.

I also acquired a couple more items. The gnome on the left was a gift from a friend that was very weathered and in need of a paint job. The other gnome I bought was a plain grey color, the drain pipe goes inside and the water drains out the frog's mouth. The English hare is cast iron and was just a brownish color. I painted them with an outdoor acrylic paint made by Arteza. Then I sprayed them with a finishing spray by Aileen's, they have both gloss and matte sprays. I spray all of my statues and things I set outdoors with this spray to protect them from the weather. Use 2-3 generous applications.

"What else can we find when we look close enough"?

I've been working around the concord grapevine, adding a few friends here and there. I found a little grotesque statue of a little demon guy. His eyes glow at night. He sits at the base to trip those who pass by unawares. I mounted a couple of ravens to perch on top. I used JD Weld and attached them to a plank of wood. However, after one winter, they came loose. So I will need to drill up through the bottom and screw them in, that should do it. My little hare hides behind an old wheel I found.

Fairy Garden

One of my newest inspirations is creating a fairy garden. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and have been seeing some terrific ones on Pinterest. These past few months I have been gathering some things to put in it and designing it in my mind what I imagine it to be. Some friends have given me a few things to add to it. Mostly I want to make the things myself by hand. I have created a fairy house that I will blog about later, I am finishing the roof. That's the idea, handmade things. It shouldn't look ready-made and be finished all at once. It's a hobby that I want to stretch out and enjoy doing it. If it's done all at once, the fun of the adventure is lost. At least in my opinion. Never kick a gift horse in the mouth though, one should always be grateful someone thought enough of you to add to your dream. I can certainly find a place to add these little pieces of happiness. I believe these were found at our local Hobby Lobby and the Dollar General stores.

Bright and colorful things of whimsy

Let your imagination fly this coming Spring. Maybe you will feel inspired by this, I hope so. I am looking forward to piddling outdoors and watching it all come together adding a little bit at a time. The looks on children's faces as they gaze at them with eyes of wonder and delight. That's the idea anyway. Life is what you make it and if you can't change the big things, focus on the little things. Perhaps you'll find a little happiness along the way.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.

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