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Spring Forward

Updated: May 6, 2021

Are you ready for it? It's almost here, ready or not. Spring that is. In six days, it the long cold Winter will be over, done for, least for another eight months or so, give or take.

I tell ya what, I'm ready for it. If not, I better get ready because I have all kinds of chores and projects lined up such as planting, restoration, and do it yourself. One thing at a time and don't forget to breathe, right? Right now, today, I am going to do nothing but kick back and relax. I've spent the past couple of days up North and am feeling a little drained on this beautiful day. So, relaxation is all I wanna do for the moment.

Northern Ways

"What do you mean there is no sweet tea?"

This was not a vacation trip it was in support of my best friend whose spouse is receiving medical care. Naturally, entertainment wasn't the primary focus of this journey. That being said, it was still good to get away for a few days and spend some quality time with my sister from another Mother. All things considered, it was nice to be outdoors and taking in the sights. I fell in love easily with the gothic architecture. The food was absolutely amazing! The coffee has lots to be desired though. Not only that but I had heard the Northern folks aren't into sweet tea. I forget, right? We all do. It's so reflexive for us Southerners to respond to the question of "What can I bring you to drink?" at meals with "sweet tea". Not an option. It's unsweet or hot tea but no good ole southern sweet iced tea. They do have raspberry tea, which I readily accepted and it was very good. I enjoyed my stay very much but I am glad to come home to my comfortable bed and strong brewed coffee.

Joys of Spring

I am anxious to see the trees and flowers fill the atmosphere with striking colors and fragrances. It brings with it a peace unknown. My daffodils and Iris flowers have started to come up already. They haven't bloomed yet but they are getting ready. I am getting ready too. I have been clearing out the flower bed and preparing it for planting. There are many flowers here that my Grandmother and Aunt have planted in years past that return faithfully every year. It is a reminder of their love for gardening, the hard work and the pay off. I've been putting some thought into the flowers I plant; whether they are safe for pets, whether they need more sunlight or are keen on shaded areas, which ones deter rabbits and groundhogs. Keeping all this in mind as I mentally plan the landscape around me.

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

"Take that, you bastard spawn from the garden of hell!"

One thing I am NOT looking forward to is these damned things. These are not your every day run of the mill thistles. These are evil, nasty, weeds from hell. They seem to pop up everywhere, thank you wind and birds... Truly! I attack these things endlessly it seems with the mower and weed eater but they just continue to spread, wanting to take over and snagging my britches as I pass by. This year, I am going to be spraying these suckers. I found a new weed killer that is supposed to be safe for pets, that is very important to me. That's one reason these things are taking over because I don't use chemical products that might harm my cat. This is supposed to be an environmentally safe product, I'm sure it is, but I wonder if it will be strong enough to eliminate these bastards. If it is, I will be glad to share the product with you. I'll keep you updated; I don't want to promote it unless I know for sure it works.

Maintain Momentum

That is my goal. I have so many projects in store, I just hope I can keep focused so that I can check some things off the list. It's not in any way an exaggeration, I have six projects lined up in addition to the flower bed and my usual chores. As always, I just need to take on one thing at a time and step by step, I'll get there. Or at least I will continue to move forward, little by little. Even so, it is important to pace yourself and take proper time to rest. Which is why I have a nice hammock on the way. Work is important but rest is equally important (if not moreso) in my book. Without proper rest, I won't feel up to doing anything. You have to learn to relax and enjoy the world around you. Life is not all about workin' and gettin'. Like my maternal Great Grandmother always said "There will be work enough to do when we are all dead and gone". We have to stop and enjoy it while we are here.

Take care and have a blessed day. Thank you so much for reading!

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