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Picnic Anyone?

Updated: May 6, 2021

We have this picnic table that was looking kind of rough after only a year. I decided it was time to give it a new look.

The thing about having a picnic table is, if you don't have a patio, it becomes something you have to mow around. Life on the farm means a constant battle with WEEDS, weeds everywhere. I hate weeds and they don't like me much either, obviously.

“Come help me move this thing.”

Talk about a pain in the ass. Every time you mow you have to move relocate it.

I Can Do This

After browsing some ideas on Pinterest, I came up with a plan and enlisted my cousin again to help. Again, a home cooked meal usually does the trick when one needs help. All I needed was some paint, I got a gallon of outdoor white and a quart of outdoor light blue (both fast drying). We painted the picnic table first and let it dry. I also needed a biodegradable burlap mat to lay down underneath to kill the weeds/grass. I bought 20 plain paver stones at less than $2 each and 2 bags of sand. I cut the mat to size and laid the stones in place and painted them. Then I placed the sand in between the cracks of the stones. Once that was together, we placed the table on top.

The whole process took less than two hours tops and cost less than $200. That's if you include the cost of the table. It turned out really nice and I am soooo glad I don't have to move it when I mow. I plan on adding about 20 more pavers around the outside to give a little more room but for now, it's sufficient.

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